Value yourself: Lets get Unstuck

Hello my dears,

Its been a while, over a Year in fact! I’ve sort of missed this space, forgotten what it was like. What it offered me, rather than what I thought I could offer it (you). My heart and mind have been elsewhere during this time, somewhere I was forced to be actually. Some of us in life need incidents to occur in order to come to an epiphany. I, for one am most certainly one of those people. It has taken me years to come to realise that I am indeed, in need of closure with certain aspects of my very own personality or ways. Parts, of myself that some people may compliment. Aspects that do me no favours in life, bring no value to me, but instead devalue me.

I thought i’d come on here and share a few of the early steps I have taken in getting unstuck, I am very much still on this journey and perhaps this journey has no end but it definitely has a beginning like everything else.

Take charge: This is probably going to sound obvious, however what we have to understand is that, not all of us were raised the same and our upbringing really plays a role in our character. Unless we decide to go against what we have know in rebellion or instincts tell, or lead us to what is right in our minds for ourselves. We really never know how to take charge unless an event forces us to. Pay attention.

So, if I were to give you an example, one which we all perhaps could relate to is not being able to say No! Many of us struggle with this. To break free from this no boundaries character you must take time to get to know yourself.

Own yourself: Own your independence, your thoughts, your ideas, your beliefs and that should be in your hands & of course your creators. Build confidence within yourself, one easy step in gaining this is making your own decisions and being sure of it without a second or third-party. Now, I’m not saying don’t consult anyone, especially if they are near and dear. What I am saying is, learn to make the final call, seal and stamp it yourself.

Let go of what was: This for me is a work in progress and I believe there are many  levels to this stage. I feel that this also depends on what you’re trying to get unstuck in. Generally speaking, what we gain from the future (God willing) is a result of our past. So, is there really a better learning curve? You are learning from real experiences, real events that you’ve overcome yourself and it could only benefit and better you. Letting go of what was, is simply taking the good from it, the lesson and letting go of the hurt and the setbacks it caused and trying to move forward. Replacing, that whisper that negative self talk we give ourselves daily a kick and allowing it to be our motivation for success; our breakthrough.

Gratitude: One easy way that allows us to get unstuck without much effort on our part is being thankful. Be thankful for what you have right now in this moment. Remind yourself every time you feel sorrow, every time you feel lost, every time you feel powerless. Search for it and be grateful for it and you will find more than you asked for (God willing).

Well, I hope that this triggered a positive rush in you. I wish that you sail through your journey(s) and stay mindful. Always, pick yourself back up and go forward with it.


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