In pursuit of Happiness

Welcome my dears, 

So with the times we live in, it seems as though pursuing has no end. I mean, No doubt that is life. However, how many of us sit back and actually think about their own personal wants and needs, rather than what society lures them into pursuing. Whether that be a particular job, item, holiday in return for happiness.

Ok, all these things make us happy, long-term happiness and fulfillment is what I’m really getting at!

Without real thought and consideration, a lot of us are chasing and or pursuing things we have no want for, no interest or passion in. Simply because, well that’s where the world is headed.

What we need to be chasing is a sense of individuality, wholeness, freedom..! Not to say, we cannot share beliefs or ideas but we should be conscious in creating and catering to the best version of ourselves and our wants in order to actually be successful and genuinely happy on the inside.

Today, I choose to pursue myself and my own happiness. One that is created by me, one where I’m not afraid if it’s too much, or if it’s not enough. A happiness that is measured by the state of my heart. Truly for me, happiness takes place when the heart is safe and the mind is sound.

How do I intend on achieving this?

By being conscious and self-aware in all aspects of life. By fulfilling my own personal needs before anyone elses (My children excluded). Forgiving myself everyday for what is out of my control and knowing who I am and where I am is in fact enough.

You live and you learn.



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