Hope & Healing

In this age, phase, moment or time I am in, I’m indeed most thankful for the wounds that are coming to surface. Wounds that finally breathe every so often. Allowing me to embrace all that I have been withholding. Allowing me to let go of what I have been suppressing for as long as I can remember. Through this I heal the deepest of wounds and grow new skin eventually..thicker, soft, sweet and not bitter, wise and stronger than ever before. God Willing.

If there is anything I would advice anyone going through or has recently been through a difficult patch, unsure of why they are unable to break free from exaggerated emotions. To you who is constantly in doubt about your ‘present’ life or the people in it…

I say, Fight for awakening and dig deep. It will take a while but bring those emotions and suppressed feelings to the forefront. Be honest and frank with what you’re experiencing in order to become who you are supposed to be. By doing this you are allowing space for personal growth.

Secondly, putting everyone elses needs before yours will deplete you. Begin by setting boundaries and take it from there. Recognise that you exist and by firstly pouring into yourself, only then are you able to give quality back.

Thirdly, avoid falling into the trap of being a victim of your past by allowing things to follow through. Be conscious about breaking that cycle. As of today, follow your gut.

Hope, is something that you have to drag up the staircase with you because without it the next step isn’t going to happen. It has to be your core, even on your weakest days because that is your drive. If it is missing, go find it, it’s there believe me.

I personally seek it through worship even if it the most absent of prayers, it WILL get you through. Taking the step towards blessings invlove effort in good acts even in their weakest form.

As for healing, you must come to terms with your situation or issue first.. this takes a while and give it a while. Meanwhile.. accept it and work on it because time does not heal.

Ask yourself what you did to contribute to your state? what baggage are you holding on to? what brought you to this situation? how can you change and better your state? What can you learn from your trials? What have you learnt about yourself and how can you change for the better?

So many questions to ask oneself , deep for sure but only revised after an awakening. As I’ve probably said before, let this be yours.

Ramadan is so so near and what better time to ask and pour your inner most deep self out and ask for a true healing whatever it is you are going through.

Remember that lonesome relief is far better than acquaintance while living in turmoil. Hopefully my effort in being indirect made sense! wink wink.



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