A Proposal, without the Ring

Commitment is the connotation (idea) that drives one to achieve something willingly, wholeheartedly and perhaps or rightly so with, passion. 

The ring binds one to commit, what if we committed before the proposal? Since often the proposal comes first.. What if the “Ring” came before the “Question”? What if We Understood ourselves before we sort out or settled for what came along?

I believe Commitment in our age are of two. Commitment in giving up something comfortable, safe, desirable through feelings of pressure, loss of self and fear. 

Or on the other side of the spectrum, we have commitment in full certainty, belief, value, self compassion, well rationalised. All of which hold contradicting values but a decision right?

Where we are on life’s jounrey plays an important role on the value or esteem we place on our commitments.

We commonly “commit” every single day. We pledge in our sub conscious that we will meet such and such task. That we will serve or adhere to so and so. We promise and we give, and we seek to please. Often to fill a void. A void that we are very unaware of. One where something in us collapses when we don’t find commitments to be bound by. A loss in.. the absence of.. the next thing we await to be controlled by and forced to be committed to, because we have forgotten how to be. In reality we haven’t learnt how to be; in and of ourselves.

I propose to you, to commit to yourself..

Before you even commit to long life Chances, Changes or Decisions. Commit to your very being and this opportunity of life that you have been given. Learn to be attentive to your needs by taking out the time to listen to your inner cry, that inner thirst, that inner authentic self that is unconsciously being moulded by societies wants and needs. Re learn how to be attentive to your thoughts, your views and be firm in your stance. By doing so, you make life’s commitments a choice and not chance because you woke up and you made the intensional decision of who you want to be and how you wish to present yourself or show up to the world.

Commitment is a contribution of oneself, it is a sharing (Giving) of who you are. I truly believe it is inevitable that one reevaluate their beliefs, morals and standards before they take on commitments that will draw them into a being that they, in all their consciousness would reject.

Commit to yourself willingly, wholeheartedly and with compassion. 


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