Healing And Creative Outlets

Hello my Dear readers,

So this one is not only for my creative babes out there, but for you who feels that she has too much going on in her life to acknowledge her need for a creative outlet.

To be creative is your ability to put energy into something to receive a greater satisfaction. Often giving you positive energy, which boosts you into feeling good and pushing through in ones day-to-day life.

Your creative outlet is Not meant to suppress or help you forget your situations whatever they may be; rather it is meant to help you in working through them by facing them head on. By simultaneously working on the issue at hand (when of course, a percentage of it has subsided) and oneself, in my experience helps. I am much more fulfilled, and at ease when I am not only setting out everyday to pour into this which needs doing or that but when I also am pouring into myself in order to grow and heal.

So, maybe now is a good time to think a little before we all kick-start the school/working year about something you can do consistently that helps you on your path by identifying yourself creatively.

This could be by way of Exercise, taking a weekly class that you enjoy. You are not solely seeking the benefit of good health but also enjoyment and gratification. You are setting out to develop not only stamina but you as an individual.

Reading and journaling ; Have you always wanted to get into reading? think more what could benefit you in this era or time you are in. Don’t focus on the books that are trending or what google recommends. This is about YOUR personal growth and healing, so it is a good idea to really get intentional. A really good question to ask yourself is>Where am I now and how can I move forward? Then, use that as a basis for book selection.

Journaling, I believe goes hand in hand with this one, it aids you in your thought process during testing times. You make yourself see your thoughts for what they really are and not the cover up/excuses you give them. Sometimes just writing ten pages of frustrations and throwing it away releases something. You learn about yourself this way and develop understanding and welcome depth into your life.

You can achieve this by way of creating a blog, writing a news letter, Recording a podcast. If that was not enough, please do take a moment and write down 3 to 5 things that you always wished to pursue but you always thought it was too far-fetched or time-consuming. Narrow it down to one and make it happen, six months to a year from now you will thank yourself.

Learning a new language. I always thought since GCSE French I’d never be able to learn past hello and how are you in any language. The truth of the matter is I never really tried, I never made any intention to learn nor did I care.

Now in my late 20’s, I have two NEW languages under my belt and I did that solely with intension and just showing up. I am no way completely fluent, however the point of the matter is when you come with intension, some effort and show up you are going to succeed to a degree. It has been an amazing creative outlet for me and whenever I doubt myself and my capabilities I only have to remind myself that determination is her name!

The Outside World, If you able to find some outdoor rewarding trips\ventures\Travel. If you have the possibility to Travel to new interesting and historical places, go for it. You will find a way to survive, food, shelter, go minimal for a year if it helps.

Think of all the possibilities out there for you to develop and gain first hand experiences at life. Planning is key, pump yourself up, find your tribe and go for it!

I would love to hear how you are creating outlets  to benefit your mind, body or soul?

I’d love to hear from you and I appreciate you passing by!


2 thoughts on “Healing And Creative Outlets

  1. This is actually a journey that’s new for me: expressing creativity. I started my blog to have some kind of creative outlet, but it took me a while to get brave enough to do it. To put my creativity out there to be judged. I’ve been thinking about journaling for quite some while and tbh this post has given me a push, cheers love!


    1. Something I myself am learning, to accept judgement and not doubt myself because of it. Do what pleases me as long as I’m not out to intensionally hurt anyone. It is your life to live. I am so glad it has given you a push. Kisses.

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