Setting Intensions | Improvement vs Destination

Think of intentions as stepping-stones to improvement rather than a Goal (destination). When we intend for something it helps that we take baby steps towards that intension, and we keep taking steps without the burden or guilt of reaching a destination or a state by a particular time.

Do not limit or put a time constraint on your journey.

If we set the intension and figure out small ways in which we are able to personally aid ourselves to progress in a particular area, we are already crafting. Sometimes it means you’ll progress and then for a while become stagnant. Being stagnant does not mean you are doing something wrong, it just means you are not ready to move to the next level\stage. By staying on the same page and doing the work you are preparing for a breakthrough. Feel the feels, let out your emotions, detox and soon enough you’ll be ready to move on to where you need to be.

Be patient with yourself. In time you will see fruitful results that make you feel good for those small improvements. It is much more gratifying than to think too far ahead. Your transitional process is your successNot the destination.

If we take Physical and Mental health as examples..By intending to go for long walks a few times a week for physical movement, to practice better breathing techniques and  improve on our mental clarity. Here you’ve made the intension and taken the steps to action. Does it require an end destination, No. Why? because these things are necessary but always require a place to start in order to get somewhere or gain anything.

Similarly, when you intend on larger than life goals you will still have to go through stages and moving up- developing requires work but it also requires you to improve and learn along the way. So recognise and appreciate the process, here there may be a destination but soon enough you will be intending again and the cycle is repeated. The process is what you really need to hone in on, Breathe.

Intentions help you get through working on it, try to not have an end destination mindset, rather an improve(meant) one!


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