Fruitful Thinking: January Book: Declutter your mind.

Fruitful Thinking: A year of Self Awareness and Self Discovery 

Hello & Welcome to your Book Club!

Our book for January is titled: Declutter your Mind: How to stop
worrying, relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate negative thinking.

The aim of this book club is to begin our journey onto Self Awareness in order to grow as individuals.

Self Growth, Self Improvement, Self Care, Self Love
all start with Self Awareness.

Look at this Journey as Project Me, get excited!

Now that you have your Book, let’s start Reading, Exploring and

Above in the comments section is where we will be having discussions,sharing ideas and
insights into our gains.

Feel free to write and connect!




We made it!! We’ve completed our January Book and I appreciate you joining in!

Below is a link to a review of our January Book by yours truly. This is my FIRST EVER time doing this, I do hope to get better at wording my thoughts. Big Kisses to you all x

2 thoughts on “Fruitful Thinking: January Book: Declutter your mind.

  1. Hello Fruitful Thinkers,

    Currently on page 47, Identifying core values..ahh I can’t tell you how important this is in these times..I appreciate that it shares an exercise and also directs us to page 138 with examples, key words to get us pondering and do the work!! Now that it is Friday, I can get through more than two pages a night. Parts of me wishes I found this book 1 and a half to two years ago but I am getting validation for some of the things I’m already implementing, so it’s nice.

    How is it going on your end?


  2. Hello my lovelies,

    So, looks like I’m out here discussing on my onesie hehe! Nonetheless, I do hope you’re all doing well.

    This self help book is really a ‘practical’ one, it uses different strategies to tackle different areas in ones life. Mind, Body, Home, Relationships to name a few.

    It is an easy layout and it defo gets you thinking. It is considerate in making you not only check ‘others’ i.e. your surroundings but yourself too..

    I think although it is an easy step by step, it is a workbook style-ish and requires you to fully use it. All areas do not apply at once, rather it is to be tackled in stages. It depends on your circumstances in life and the pace you wish to move at.

    I think it is always good to keep in mind that no one is like YOU and no one goes through what YOU go through in the same way. You have to learn to cater to yourself.

    The best thing I can take away is, self compassion and becoming aware that I am not alone, these books and writers are proof to this!

    Well my fruitful thinkers, I’m excited to hear your sharp thoughts and one or two lessons you took away from it..or the things that you thought were lacking?

    It shall get better, we are just at the beginning!

    New poll for next months book will be up soon, Allaah willing!


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