Fruitful Thinking February Book: The Untethered Soul

Fruitful thinking: A year of Self Awareness and Self Discovery

Hello and Welcome to your Book Club!

We are already in February guys! The Winter Months aren’t the easiest and honestly there is nothing better than filling your days with mind food to keep you powering through. I know, usually this time of year drags on, not anymore right? Especially with all the reading and growing we have to do..

Anyway, here in the comments section is where we will be sharing our thoughts and gains from our current Book, get excited!!

Please feel free to stay anonymous, no pressure!

I hope to be sharing a short review here on the Blog, on my personal thoughts\gains in video format towards the end of each Month. (It will be attached to this post God willing once our Month has ended) I have already recorded a review for our January Book, if you’d like to see that please see post with January’s Book title.

I am hoping to get better at articulating my thoughts and so I thought maybe interact with you all in this way and help in pushing through our Reading Goal.

So, let’s get reading and discussing shall we!




3 thoughts on “Fruitful Thinking February Book: The Untethered Soul

  1. Assalamualakium, I’ve just finished reading Section 1: Awakening Consciousness. To be honest I’m already blown away, the book is so interesting. My fav’ chapter so far is “Your inner roommate”. It’s amazing how the author makes you the main character. I have a better understanding of the separation between my awareness and my inner voice now. Btw after having few issues with my order I purchased the ebook version, I’m a bit late I started reading on 9/2 🙂

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  2. Wa Alaykuma Salaam,

    Currently on Part 3: Freeing yourself: Chapter 8: Let go now or fall: I am personally enjoying the enlightenment as of this chapter..the Author talks us through fear, fear as a thing, an experience. Something to recognise, and release rather than hold on to or surpress, or avoid having ‘stimulated’ by creating safety or controlling it. Avoiding an issue breeds more issues..

    This particular line caught my attention and thought i’d share before finishing off the chapter and heading to bed. ‘that which is blocked or buried within you forms the root of fear’. Basically, any emotion that keeps reoccurring is a result of a pain deep rooted.

    What I’ve personally interpreted from this is, let go of that which is buried by allowing it to pop up and be felt at its core..then release that ‘fear’ or any other emotion or thing that comes up due to it.

    The great thing about self help or healing books for me is that, there aren’t real answers, just questions. So discover yourself and give yourself the answers.



  3. Currently on chapter 7 Transcending the tendency to close. I’ve been really enjoying this book. Love the fact that it feels personal, like the author is speaking directly to me. My favourite chapter so far is ch.3 Who are you? This chapter blew my mind.

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