Fruitful Thinking March Book: Reclaim Your Heart

Fruitful Thinking: A Year of Self Awareness and Self Discovery 
Hello and Welcome to your Book Club!

Let’s march our way into March shall we? ;)) Yes!! Our recent book was leaning slightly into spirituality and a greater source – (Allah) or God and taking us out of the context of the ‘Self’ from time to time to reflect on something greater than ourselves, in order to ground us by reminding us of Allah(s) attributes. Michael A. Singer in (The Untethered Soul) reminds us that we are not Omnipotent nor Omniscient and therefore control of the past, present or foreseeable future is not in our hands. 

Being a person of Faith myself, I felt a sudden warmth after reading that particular section. Our March book is a beautiful continuation of our Journey to the ‘Self’ and essentially our ‘Soul’ while still holding onto and referring to God as a primal source of guidance and comfort. 

I am excited to get stuck in and get a Muslimahs perspective in the realm of Self Help and Healing. I feel like this one is going to move me in ways I am ready to move..

Are you excited? Ladies get excited, this is your chance to change yourself in ways you never imagined was possible. Commit to this atleast this Year and give yourself a pat on the back for every Book you manage to read at the end of each Month.

Anyway, as always discussions will be happening over in the comments section, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and share your thoughts and opinions.

Roll on March!




One thought on “Fruitful Thinking March Book: Reclaim Your Heart

  1. I feel like this came at the right time in my Journey. There is so much that should be understood between the lines. Attachments, I have taken on a new perspective in this area and my heart is hopeful due to it.


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