When life gives you lessons..

Pause for a moment, and think about the Month you’re in..Think about where you were Emotionally/Financially/Physically  last year and how much has changed. Some for the better and others for the (worse). well, so you feel from time to time, because not knowing what you know now would have been so much easier right? but certainly not any less painful sitting in the dark unable to be real with yourself because it isn’t very ‘Godly’ to see the truth as it goes against what you’ve always known.

When you feel completely burnt out, frustrated with yourself, unfairly snapping at the slightest thing that doesn’t go to plan in your day or week. Remember this, this time last year YOU had hopes that you wished to come alive into fruition, this time last year YOU wished for things, such as clarity and now that you have those VERY things, remember to be grateful BUT first, sit in a place of calm and realise that what haunts you now won’t haunt you forever. Everything is in passing. Last year and the year before is proof to that.

Keep working on yourself, your habits that your swore you wouldn’t adopt. When you want better, you will certainly do better…persist.

Remember being ENLIGHTENED is far better than sitting in Darkness. Remember to keep asking, remember that ‘if only’?… I could get out of ‘ABC’ AND accomplish ‘DEF’ that you had dreamt of came into REALITY. Do not forget to breathe through it and search for deep gratitude within you.

The lessons have been bitter and sweet all at the same time, the falls in between are challenging everyday, the mission is to be better than yesterday.

For so many years some of the people I regarded the closest to me consumed my Heart, beyond what was healthy and I am learning that my Heart should be filled with seeking my Creator and developing compassion for myself firstly. I certainly cannot change people, but I can change myself and that is truly the biggest gift I can ask to be given. It is an honour to wake up everyday knowing I could do better internally as opposed to striving for an external that brought about no sense of true gratification.

I hope you can find it in you to be compassionate towards yourself or to someone who needs it, you never know who may supplicate for you in private.

Late night writings over and out 😉



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