Self Care Habits for Healing

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-Healing is a matter of time, but it is also sometimes a matter of opportunity – 

Last night before I fell asleep, exhausted may I add. I had made the intension to film a YouTube video in the small amount of free time that I have scheduled in for a portion of my Sunday. Upon waking, I felt different and so instead I decided that I would heal myself through drinking lots of warm water, sometimes infused with lemon to get ahead of this sluggish feeling coming on.

Since I am not really in a filming mood, I’ll take this opportunity to write (type). 

Still using my creative energy, pouring outwards using other forms.

I was listening to a Podcast earlier as I pottered around my home tidying up for the week ahead. I came across this podcast through another video (as you do) blessings in disguise. It was on being of service to oneself through Self-Care habits and the topic was on the term ‘Gas Lighting’. Now, this term is certainly not new to me and discovering its meaning has been a huge part of my healing in the last couple of years. So I thought I’d mention it incase you wanted to learn something new this evening. It actually derives from a very disturbing film set in the 1940’s called ‘GAS LIGHTING’, which highlights the tactics behind crazy making by manipulators. Now, this movies storyline is an eye opener to the people who exist in society. Not only in romantic relationships but familial and in work place also. I would recommend you look into it, if you are deeply grieving, depressed or suffer from anxiety.

Anyway, this past weekend I have encountered a few interactions as such and it took me off guard. Listening to this podcast enabled me to really re think some Self Care practises I could revisit to elevate from such experiences, and so I wanted to share them with you.

1- The first Self Care habit is to simply acknowledge your state and need for some time out. Take yourself to that place of comfort straight away to avoid anxiety reaching its peak in an uncomfortable setting.

2- Focus on the tension in your body and shake it off by doing a few jumps, or stretches and dangling your head between your legs and allowing blood flow to your neck and head. Rise and repeat.

3-  Make Ablution or Wudu, then prepare a warm decaffeinated drink of your choice. On days like these I opt for warm water with some squeezed lemon and a few lemon slices to go with it. I don’t know, but I also like to use a clear glass to see the slices floating around. There is something relaxing about it to me.

4- The next habit would be to sleep early and make the intension to rise early. This way, you won’t fall into letting your circumstance control you. Instead, you took control by acknowledging your feelings but also your need to continue on with your life while still dealing with it actively. If you are able to remove yourself from that environment and come to your safe space to take a nap for an hour or two- it really does go a long way, or simply take bed rest and allow yourself to zone out for a few minutes.

5- Allow yourself to do things slower, be mindful in not getting anxious & rushing tasks. Breathe. If you are doing the dishes, sometimes doing half the sink is enough and wiping down surfaces. Enough to make you feel like you are moving on with your day.

If you have to be out shortly after, make it a practise not to speak unless you really have to. Take care of your energy and the places it flows to for a while.

6- Soak your self in a warm bath with some bath Salts or Rose water or anything with a healing scent such as lavender or eucalyptus. I find these scents help sooth me personally. On days like these I couldn’t care less if it is a hair wash day or not, allow your head to soak too.

Get out some oil, anything to hand. I am currently using Almond oil and warm it between your palms and give yourself a good foot rub :))

7- Connect with nature, you don’t have to hug a tree, but put your bare feet on the ground, in grass, in sand and really feel and absorb this connection. I promise I never set out to do this intentionally but I do it, and it feels great.

8- Lastly, sometimes your appetite may not be your friend. I find dates to be healing and energizing. Pack some with you each day to nibble on or include them in a smoothie. Remember to take deep breaths while you are out and about too!

I know, simple right. Not always when Self-Care isn’t a habit for you and you are sensitive in absorbing the energies of others. Or, if you’ve been shamed your whole life into serving others but yourself. Give yourself permission.

Listen to one part of your body each day and attention in how it aids you in your Healing Journey!

Indeed, Healing is a matter of time. Provide yourself with the opportunity in small doses, daily.



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