Practise, Practising Self Compassion.

me black n white

I say practise because in order to feel what you wish to feel, it starts within and that requires you to be active in your practises.

Choose one area.

I Chose Self Compassion, because for the longest I gave that out so freely. I gave of something I didn’t completely have. I thought I had it, because I had so much to give of it, I just couldn’t contain my giving. Even to those I didn’t feel comfortable giving to. I gave because I wanted some in return. I never received it. Instead, I was made to feel like it was not enough and I would search pockets with holes in them, digging my hands through to find nothing. I didn’t understand. It left me feeling like I had to give myself in place of what I couldn’t provide. It was my all.

Self Compassion was foreign to me.

Today, I understand it. I understand that, my heart and my giving are all for myself first and that I have the full right over where I pour my Compassion. That I am responsible for how I want to feel, and that NOone has the right to dictate that to me. I begin my feulling my mind with rich and loving thoughts of myself.

My Compassion is certainly not for everyone to taste. Hardly rocket science, but guys this is a new-found science for me.

It truly starts with your beliefs about yourself, or the ones that were given to you should I say. As soon as you start to take responsibility of how you want to feel internally, for yourself and fully for yourself. You are able to embark on this Self Compassion Journey, it gets better each week. You will understand that you only have yourself to answer to. No more waiting around to receive from places or people to fill a void that you can fill and allow to overflow from within you.

As soon as.. you STOP! caring, what the world wants, needs or feels about you.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to block out the world and be micro focussed on your inner well-being. Life turns into something else, even when you are alone..

It becomes, worth living and enjoying



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