Recreating Yourself After Life Changes


So, I am sure there are a million and one aspects and angles to this, but I just want to share a few that I am understanding and implementing in this phase after being on this Journey of Healing and Self Awareness\ Discovery for over 2 years.

Take lesson from the mess in order to grow from it. Pay attention more. Each distress comes with mourning and sometimes it is daily once you open up to it. Study, and regulate yourself. Place value in the lesson.

Take it one day at a time, and practice self forgiveness.

Be alone. Especially if you hate to be alone. You despise it even though you felt alone around those very people? all the more reason. Fight the fear, beat yourself up and lift yourself back up again. In being alone, you open YOU to being vulnerable with yourself. When you are vulnerable with yourself, this leads to self acceptance and the honouring of your true state.

Invest in yourself. Time, Money, Books. It will be hard, but do it in small doeses and increase it a little each time. Lest you overwhelm yourself or hinder yourself from fully reaping any benefits of your investment.

The foods you eat, it reflects where you are. Start with one part of your day where you do that well. A part of your week maybe? i.e. A Sunday green juice. I find that starting from the inside out works for me. You could be someone that prefers the outside in route i.e. Skin care or Personal style. Find what works for you and put in consistent but realistic effort.

Get out of your comfort zone. Take up and find new interests that will grow you and enable you to articulate yourself. It has to be uncomfortable and scary before it can be comfort and joy. Allow yourself to show up as your authentic self fearlessly and watch yourself heal and sprout.

Declutter anything that does not serve you. Especially the things you ‘believe’ to hold sentimental value. Who do you imagine and yearn to evolve into? Where do you see yourself to be? How would you like to feel? Ask yourself these questions occasionally, now is the time. Make space for inviting in the NEW, unless you let go of the old, there’ll be no birthing of who you are creating.

Anything that does not ignite joy in this moment, let it go.

Practise and take inspiration from people you admire. Sometimes one person does not posses everything you are working toward for yourself. I consider myself as multi passionate, with many interests and likes and so I search for inspiration in a variety of places. Remember not to seek inspiration too much because you might end up creating an unsustainable version of yourself. You will not be perfect in all aspects or areas, naturally you’ll be better and exceed in some areas; as opposed to others. Take that on board.

So, this brings me to my next and final thought. Prioritise tasks. You will get messy and messier for a while in this process in recreating yourself. You’ve got to make space for it somehow right?!. I guess you have to quit the catalogue home ambitions for a while. *note to self



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