Wednesday Musings

A deep breath as I begin. Laptop placed on my girls donut pillow- on the sofa where I ploked myself. Towel wrapped around my head; freshly washed hair for the win eh! Warm Tea, candle burning, balcony door wide open. 22:24pm.

Clean Landry ‘piles’ right eye reflections. Messy corridor, coats and bags from our swimming day. Even messier kitchen, dishes filling counter tops. Egrr.

Deep breaths, warm tea flowing through me. Hugging me and telling me that all those things do not matter as much as you wish they did. I smile, and agree this evening.

The happenings through your day. The way you felt; acceptance. The time you gave them; the listening and responding. The pleading and suggesting. The Comforting. The space given to allow flow. The opportunity you grew for them. Today, although nothing worth smiling about was where all this was validated. Your purpose in being here, your working on yourself.. is. not. in. vain.

What you are unable to indentify in your very self, you cannot indetify in others.

You must continue letting go and live in the moment, that place called future you know nothing about is made up in these very moments. So dwell in it. This now.

The Sun was caressing today; the Moon a kiss on the forehead tonight. The air, this September air. Is helping me to embrace the still, the need to only be challenged by and conquer the present day.






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