2019 Growth Goals

Hello my loves,

I know, it’s been a while. I pray this finds you in the best of health and faith. I appreciate you all so much, especially those of you who’ve been around this long.

So, I just want to get stuck in, I thought I’d share a few of my goals openly to inspire, or ‘actually’ get me to do them by openly proclaiming them to you all! No regrets hopefully !

Firstly, my biggest goal this year is to react less and breathe through it more. To truly trust Allahs plan like I did in some of my hardest times, which is basically on going in this period of my life. The reward is in the first time.

The more I am learning not to disassociate and actually confront my feelings, the more triggers come to surface. Which means less stuffing things down but more reacting. While 2018 was learning to literally be OK with feeling and letting out reactions, 2019 will be more managing them effectively and putting in place ‘reacting’ fall back solutions for when I trip, such as a planned go to Self Care remedy\rituals. As opposed to feeling shame, or unhealthy guilt and spiralling down from there.

Secondly, My GERMAN!! issa German.. inna German.. land!

The German language, My Journey started at the end of 2016. I somehow got comfortable with my new skill and progress and got lazy about it by the end of 2017. I actually gave myself permission to fall off to heal if I’m honest. So, I’m going into this, this time for my kids, makes it a little more worthwhile. Self talk: You’re into languages Ilham, you got this. Haha!

Yoga and Tae Bo. These are my mash ups depending on what I am needing. I actually finally have a list which isn’t just  ‘do’ (exercise). I’ve been off it since October 2018 after some overwhelm. I want these to be my go to’s as part of my Self Care choices also. I wish to do one class a week, either, or. that is my intension. Anything more (which I doubt most weeks) is luxury.

I also would love to do regular morning and nighttime stretches as part of my habitual routine. Haven!

I plan to Read more and continue Healing. Honestly, there’s a thing about dedicating a Book to each Month of your year that is empowering!! If I cannot remember anything about that Month, if anything I’ll have a Book. One I’ve delved into, studied, sat in appointments with, took on Self Love dates, fell asleep with, and incorporated into my life. This will make any year in hindsight worthwhile.

YouTube and Blogging. Videography is a fairly new hobby. Although, I did study Media Studies as one of my subjects at College and it was a unit at Uni. I guess it’s a rekindled passion. I remember one of my first ever videos, filmed and edited alone was a documentary on type 2 Diabetes. With those hefty old school Cameras. Total flashbacks as I type this. So, what I’m saying is that, although Filming and Editing are skills I’ve relearnt and crafted this past year, especially since having kids and being tech illiterate may I add. I feel,  being sat in front of a camera was the ultimate challenge and I’m glad I have overcome it, for the most part. So my intension is to continue in growing my channels content and provide value through my mundane and healing. I am looking forward to this Journey in 2019 In sha Allaah!

Self Care. Water, the struggle is real. I have had the worst teenage age 30 breakouts of my life this past year! lol. I know it is part of the HEALING which is great 😉 and I accept it but I guess I can’t get away with not drinking anymore. So I want to get better, for my poor organs!!!

As for Self Love, forgiveness is what I am wanting to work on this year. Especially since reading EAT DIRT by Dr. Josh Axe. He mentions this as being a root to health problems, even though it is a spiritual thing. It has a huge impact on ones bodily and mental functions. Pretty deep huh. I considered myself to be one to easily forgive; until you are really tested..

So those are some of my personal GROWTH goals right there!! Anything else is Life stuff, Faith and Kids.

I would love to read some of your GOALS this year? Do you have similar ones or anything different to make us RETHINK ours?



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