Seek to Vision, dare to Dream


There is nothing like the present moment to create something. Creating a vision every day, and acting upon it intentionally is what creates the vision you have for yourself and ultimately your life.

I’ve always been someone to visualise or dream up anything I wanted to come into flourish before acting upon it. I did this because it released something within me, that made me feel as though it was already there, happening or that I had reached or received it.

Being a Dreamer or someone who creates vision, is not for everyone. True dreamers are not in a hurry, they are not held back by their day-to-day work or enjoyments. They deposit a little each day, so as not to ”feel” the pouring into or the effort and time spent building. Yet, the work is done and the pleasure is received; though the vision incomplete.

They work at cultivating the feeling beforehand.

I believe there is beauty in cultivating this practise, because it helps one to truly be engaged in the NOW and enjoy the process of whatever you are preparing for. You enjoy the process as though you’ve received the reward. You cultivate an attitude by becoming what you visualise.

I encourage you to practice this; while still working towards whatever it is you are creating. You should try living everyday as though it is your ideal, finding habits to tweak daily to make it that much more like your vision.

Where there is vision, there is hope.

If you truly want to cultivate a dream and bring it to life, then try this..

Invest in yourself a little everyday

When you invest a little everyday, it builds up. To have a vision, you need to first develop yourself. Read more, Eat better, Pray, practise gratitude and all the in-betweens as this will create a stronger sense of self and a stronger sense of the direction you’d like to take or persue in life. Be dilgent in this pursuit. Often, most people neglect phases of life based on where others are at or a fear of wasted time. Where growth happens, there is no waste. Honour your seasons and embrace them fully.

Take time out to write your thoughts

When you write things down, they feel more real. Do not underestimate the writing, it creates a need for action. Write often, write the same intension again and again if you need to.

Create a vision board in real life or on pinterest

I underestimated this one, I found it to be ‘not me’ but I did it once, and I’d do it again! Creating a mental image that you cultivated with your very hands- seeds itself into your subconscious, making it something you’ve created and need to finish. It doesn’t necessarily have to be for something you want to physically attain\achieive or manifest, it could be a feeling you’d like to have more of in your life, or a place you’d like to visit. The list is for you to create. Try something new to help you create and dream a little harder.

Live your life ‘as if‘ already…

This Blog Post is all about that, when you cultivate a life of ‘as if ‘it’s already, you are better at truly welcoming it. It is more the feeling you’re wanting most of the time. So, if you truly want to cultivate anything worth working for in life, cultivate the feeling that should come with it. Otherwise, life will become a cycle of need and never reaching the vision because the last wasn’t lofty enough. Create a vision and feel it before it has arrived. Create a vision that aligns with your ideal self, create her, re-create her often; dare to dream.

My dear, I hope you are brave enough to visualise your story.

Btw, that’s my Dream/Vision Board above 🙂

With love


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