Spring into a NEW You : Create Yourself in Seasons

photo of green leaf potted plants on window and stand

One of the best approaches I’ve taken in recent years to my life, is taking it in seasons. Not just in terms of happenings (circumstances) in life; which too has been a game changer! What I mean is, creating a new mindset, a fresh approach and giving myself and my energy a makeover; each quarter.

I realised that creating this habit of treating each season like a fresh start to life, would enable me to live better and more presently. I saw that each season was unique in what it had to offer, so I decided I would hone in on them- the weather, the activities, the clothes, the books, the foods, the beverages, the good and the not so good. Each season, required me to listen a little harder and make the changes accordingly. This provided me and my little ones with a rhythm and a flow to which each season would bring a new and exciting feeling. Becoming seasonal people has allowed us to live with less anticipation and embrace all that present living has to offer. We weren’t always like this and to be honest we’re still learning.

What I have found is that, as a Mother I have to be willing to give myself a seasonal make over. I have to create NEW intentions, a new mindset, new goals, new ways of getting out of my comfort zone each quarter. When I do this, things shift. I shift, by creating a new, more ambitious version of myself despite the failures of the last season, I choose to move forward.

I encourage you to spring into Spring with a new step, a rhythm and flow! If there is anything you think is holding you back, let go of it now with the season just gone. You are entering a season that requires you to bloom, and blossom, and everything around you is going to remind you of that.

Below, I share a few ways that you can create a NEW you this Spring or any other season for that matter!

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1- Create ONE new Self Maintenance routine that you never really considered for yourself to be important to keep up with regularly. Check in with yourself and create a small list. A fresh take on your look is a fun way to get new energy flowing.

Bring out your Spring hijabs, clothes, create a new meal plan, a list of new activities, treat your bed to some new sheets! Spread loving notes of change all around you. Notice how these things are all visible changes? Our minds have an amazing way of associating fresh or new with visible change. Really think about what that change could be for you.

woman in black hijab headscarf walking on field

2-  Plan something out of your Comfort Zone. Us Mothers have a funny way of being in the world, especially when our children are really young. What if we only let go of expectations, and predictability and lived a little more in the mess? in the unknown of things. What if we realised that our growth can only happen if we kicked fear aside and we did more of the things we’d hope our children to experience. What if we, ourselves experienced more of what we fear, and led by example. This Spring, plan something and do it for yourself to be able to grow out of fear and predictability. Invest your emotions, time, wealth into something that will grow you. This will be a gift to your children, tribe and community. As they say, there is no time like the present moment to dream anything up. Give each season a new breath to be remembered for.

white ceramic teacup with saucer near two books above gray floral textile

3- Create a Spring Reading List. Reading has to be an amazing way to step into a new season. Creating a reading list that inspires you and the season you are in is going give you a different outlook on reading. You’ll be giving each season something to remember it by and associate to. If you have been putting off decluttering; now is a great time to invest in some books that will help you welcome in the new season, especially if you are a sentimental person, or a hoarder!

There are many beautifully written guides out there which include life lessons that will help you delve past your initial story. One I read last year, and really enjoyed was called ‘Declutter your Mind’ and while it is about decluttering your mind, it also talks alot on decluttering your space and creating a new environment.

Book link: https://www.amazon.de/Declutter-Your-Mind-Worrying-Eliminate/dp/1535575085/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=declutter+your+mind+how+to+stop+worrying&qid=1554303703&s=gateway&sr=8-1

If you’ve ever wanted to learn something new, travel, work from home or anything in between, there is a book for it. I urge you to sit down and think of some of the things you’d like to improve or welcome into your life. I am currently sat making my personal Spring Reading List. 

With all that said, seasonal recreation of yourself will be something that will keep you going when things get hard. It welcomes change, it allows for forgiveness and space for new growth to take place, despite what has passed.




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