Spring Reading Wishlist

photo of person reading book on beach

Well, Hello there!

So, I thought I’d hop on here and quickly share some of the books in my Amazon Basket. I’m super excited to share these with you, and I cannot wait to bring some new inspiring energy into my life. Books are Healing and super comforting guys, especially being a Mother, it helps keep my ideas and joy for mothering in check.

So, these first (two) I’ve already ordered and I am actually holding the first in my hand, delivered just this Morning!

It is called Year of Yes. – The description of this book caught my attention as the Author like me, is a mother to 3 children. She is in search of a Mother -Work life balance and this totally felt close to home. I also just want to learn to say YES to myself more this year! It’s described as a hilarious read, which I so need in a self-help book. The author commits a year to herself and her growth by saying Yes and she basically shares it ALL!

She is an actress, and I was a little held back by not knowing the series but I’d rather not and anyway I am not much into them. Super excited to get stuck in this Spring holiday.

This Book is called Raising Boys in the 21st Century. It will hopefully arrive mid April. I am really interested in understanding boys, especially from age 7 onwards. I’ve been having my personal struggles as a mother and I just think it is a lack of understanding on my part, especially as boys enter school age and the changes in their hormones. I am hoping this book will give me more clarity and understanding in how to approach changes and support them.

The next few books are in my basket and saved for later!

I’ll list them down below in case you are interested. These will be for you if you enjoy reading books on Mental health, Parenting and Creativity.

1- The Artists Journey: The wake of the Hero’s Journey and the lifelong pursuit of meaning By Steven Pressfield.

2- The Inflamed Mind: A Radical new approach to Depression By Edward Bullmore.

3- The last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit- Disorder By Richard Louv.

Tell me, What are you currently reading? Do you have any Spring reads listed in your Amazon Basket? Please share!



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