Coaching : Work With Me!!

Email Coaching ONE to One @FruitToFruition

Hello and Welcome,

Today, I have some good news to share with you all. I have decided to dedicate some time in working as a coach with some of you. This is something that I was inspired to do by a few rare souls who have requested this from me.

I often receive Emails and Messages on Social Media with your questions, queries, dilemmas and as much as I would like to help, often I cannot gain enough perspective to be able to help.

I have personally done my hard share of personal internal work and I am still doing the work, and I whole heartedly believe at some point one has to extend an arm to help others.

I have put much thought into the type of service I will offer, as I am very dedicated to my personal life and time is very valuable to me. For this reason the service I will be offering will be Email based for now.

Should you be interested to work with me, I will be offering assistance in ONE or more of the following areas:

Identifying your Depression 

Uncovering your Childhood Trauma/ CPTSD

Inner Child Healing

Understanding Co dependency

Navigating difficult people/personalities

Coming out of Self Neglect/Abandonment and into Self Care

Working with me ONE to ONE through Email is especially accommodating to you if you are someone who has a lot to offload and would like a private, non judgemental, and confidential space to do so at any given hour. This is especially for the HSP (Highly sensitive person) and highly empathic person, who often find it difficult to be offered help or receive it.

I have been there and I absolutely know that writing and communicating  this is the first step to providing you with a place to start your form of self expression and healing. I would love to offer that opportunity to anyone out there who finds it difficult to find a safe space where these topics are discussed and shared. These are real issues in our communities that are taboo, dared to be spoken about and often shameful. We will come out of shame and heal gracefully and I’m offering you the biggest step with open arms.

What am I offering?

You will have 10 sessions with me, that is 10 Emails over the course of 3 Weeks. 

I will send you a short survey where I’d like you to answer a few questions to give me some background. You are able to add or speak on further to this survey Email and it will NOT be a part of the 10 sessions. Our 10 sessions will begin once I have received some feedback from you on the survey.

You will gain:



Self Acutualistion

Self Compassion

Built Self Worth



I will be here to provide you with guidance and a shoulder to lean on, as well as recommendations and personal resources that will aid you on this journey.

The Email package is 10 sessions over a period of 3 Weeks and will be an Investment of 49 GBP in yourself.

You can Contact me here and I look forward to hearing from you!


Best Regards,



Questions you may want to know the Answers to..

Have you studied for this?

Not Particularly. I Studied a Sociology Degree which is the study of Human Society, Social problems, Structure, Systems and development etc.. So there is definitely a cross over!

Have you personally experienced and navigated Depression, Childhood Trauma.. etc the service you wish to offer?

Yes. First hand.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Certainly. Faith and Self Belief are two areas that need nurturing along this Journey.

How will I know if this is right for me?

Honestly, you won’t. Unless you try. And then, you trust your feeling and make your decision.







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