5 Pre Ramadan Self Care Investments

two massage table near palm trees

Hello and Asslamu Alaykum

Ramadan as I viewed it, used to be one of Self Sacrifice and preparing everything around me; except for myself. Humility meant deprivation- depriving oneself, tiring oneself and refusing oneself of the bounties of Allaah azawajal before the welcoming of this blessed month.

Ramadan as I viewed it, was lack of Self Care because, how dare I need more and still be forgiven. Was I not grateful for all that I already have? A comfy bed, plenty of food. Why would I possibly need these holiday extras when I am indeed preparing for a month where I should be giving..

Here’s the thing, unless you wake up and start deeming these things important, you’re not welcoming Ramadan the way that it needs you to welcome it. You won’t be truly present, you cannot observe from a place of genuine want, from a place of charity, from a place of desire to please your creator because you’ll be half hearted. Come into Ramadan this year filled with your needs so you can truly ask and fulfil Ramadan.

Here are some really worthwhile investments you could make before Ramadan to Help you kick start your Healing

1- Dental Hygiene/Cleaning

Plan a trip to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned. Teeth cleaning removes the bacteria that causes plaque and prevents you from developing Gum Disease. 

It freshens your breath, which is really a wonderful start to Ramadan, especially if you are interacting with people all day. Depending on your country, this may be something you cannot get access to a few days in advance due to a waiting list but the idea is to invest some money into yourself to do this according to when YOU want something done. Don’t wait around, maybe this could be an investment you make habitual and do every year just before Ramadan. This is actually my second year adhering to this habit, I’m doing this last minute too!

2-  Massage 

Massages can be awkward, especially if you’re shy or battle with body confidence. I would encourage you to shift your perspective of massages being a luxury to a necessity in dire times. Perhaps thinking of it as a medical need takes off the pressure a little by telling yourself ‘actually, I need this to Heal’ it’s a type of therapy. This is how you come into a mindset of caring for your health and Self Care. I recently treated myself to my first ever hot stone massage around two weeks ago while I was on holiday in Istanbul, Turkey. Some of the benefits of a hot stone massage include- opening of the blood vessels which encourages blood flow throughout the body. The hot stones can also relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation. There are many different medical massage treatments out there, it’s a new discovery for me and I encourage you to look into it.

Cupping Therapy/Massage

Wet Cupping or Hijaamah is a Sunnah (way of the prophet) peace and blessings be upon him. Some of the benefits of Cupping include, relieving back, neck pain and stiffness. Also, fatigue, anxiety and migraine to mention a few. If you feel that you have poor energy flow through your body, maybe it is a good idea to get this done before Ramadan? Although I would remind you, it is a good idea to leave yourself a few days to rest and recover after your treatment to eat, drink and so fourth before you do start your fast. Inform yourself and cater to your needs accordingly.

3- Suanas

If you have access to a Sauna studio near you, where you do not have to be a member. Great!! You could create a day pass on a females only day or males only day.  Going to the saunas is going to be an amazing way to kick start the detoxification process. It will flush the toxins out of your body through all the sweating you’ll be doing. It will improve your circulation and relieve stress too. I do miss a good sauna session, it’s been a while.

4- Visit your Doctor/GP or a Holistic Doctor

Visit your Doctor and take some tests to see if you are deficient in anything, use these tests as a guide to understand what foods you could include or up in your diet. For example, you may need more calcium. You would then of course try and increase your intake in calcium rich foods and drink. The aim is not to go in and get medicated, but rather to understand your nature and attune to that and serve your health requirements.  This is something I personally need to do and so especially if you are a Mother, please consider this.

5- Supplements

You may want to consider including some healthy supplements to help you through your fasting day. I am personally iron deficient and so during Ramadan especially, I try to be more consistent in taking my Iron supplement. You may want to consider what you need. Maybe some Omega3 supplements if you are not a fish eater or a Multivitamin. It is all a case of assessing your personal needs and preparing yourself in a way that will allow you to successfully get through your fasting day.

With that, I wish you all a blessed Ramadan and may Allah allow us to reach it and reap its reward!

Tell me in the comments, Which of the above Pre Ramadan Self Care Investments will you take action on NOW?




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