Love notes to single Mothers this Ramadan

photography of brown concrete dome building

This Ramadan I want to remind you that your Lord, Allah- He sees it all. He understands your weakness and there is strength in that if you are still willing to move forward and keep going despite the challenges that come with it all.

First love note: You are doing amazing, despite you thinking you need to do more. Right now it is enough, because you and I both know that if you were able to physically and emotionally do more, you would. Simplify your expectations of yourself and your life in this season of yours. Small steps toward yourself is healing.

Second love note: This is a time of survival, feed yourself well. sleep or take rest when you need to, yes during Ramadan! Guilt free. You need only show up healthy for the tending to your little tribe and for the basic requirements needed to fulfil Ramadan.

Third love note: Pray for yourself, remember to pray for yourself. Pray for your healing, your guidance, your health, your protection. In times of difficulty, it is so easy to focus on praying for the relief but pray for yourself in all aspects.

That is all from me my dear, patience and gratitude will keep you going and you will find some relief each time. In sha Allah



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