Ramadan Reads 2019 | Video

Hello my love,

I thought I’d check in and wish you a Ramadan Mubarak in person (kind of) hehe!

I am on a spiritual high this weekend, Alhamdulilaah. I have been blessed to share Iftar with the community a few times as well as pray the night prayers at the Mosque (Taraweeh) and I am ever so grateful to my Lord. Just being in the company of people coming together for his sake, just to share and generously give; has given me so much hope and a warm feeling that will stay with me for the week ahead.

Despite me feeling like I am missing something, I am accepting the opportunity my Rabb wants to give me. I am trying to see the blessings of what is unknown to me.

I hope you see them too.

 I’ve linked a video down below just saying hello and sharing a couple of Books with you, and a little message.

I pray you are well, please keep my family and I in your Duas.




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