Acceptance: A safe haven in hardship By Sincerely, Sumayah

green cactus plant beside white wooden photo frame

Hello my loves,

Since my recent post, I have been trying to be kind to myself. I have been taking it slow and I am grateful for this opportunity, in the face of what is ahead.

I have also been listening to some beneficial things to help me in processing some of the things I have been feeling and the Podcast I have listed below, by Sincerely, Sumayah is one of them.

This was a beautiful lesson and I have drawn two take aways that stood out.

Number 1- that Allah is always on our side and HE subhanahuwata3ala is our safe haven and that He will find us a way out of every difficulty.

And Number 2- to think back to a time, where a situation was so unbearable, that you couldn’t imagine how to get out and still Allah found you a way out. Just replaying that truth, the Haqq that Allah did that for me, brings so much comfort to the soul.

Below is the Podcast, Happy listening and please keep me in your generous Duas.

Click here:

I am well Alhamdulilaah, by His permission.

Your sister,




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