Embracing the way we express..

brown wooden dock over body of water

The way our emotions literally swallow us up in the moment is bewildering. We humans are complex. Life has its ebbs and flows- nothing is permanent. Grace is found in between the difficult if we are willing to take a closer look. I find a need to express some deep truths, so as to release them, exhaled. Distant. Gone.

I mean, feelings are a human experience; given to us by our creator. There should be no shame in that. Does it make me ugly? maybe. I am willing to take the label- as long as it sets me free. I am more light this way, I’ve grown new wings this way, held myself a little tighter this way. I’ve healed this way.

I have certainly taken the lesson I was meant to learn this year, I have learnt it. I can breathe again. I am breathing. Alhamdulilaah.

My Loves,

Give yourselves space, hold space for all the parts of you that you’d hate anyone to see or hear about. Also, Give yourself the space to be in a bad place, its ok. There is freedom there.


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