Are you energetically sensitive?

Hello & welcome my dears,

I sometimes have a tendency to create videos on a whim, and that is what feels most right to me at times. I tend to receive personal questions from time to time and I respond quite personally. This often tends to spark an urge to sit down UNPLANNED and talk or advice but doing it more generally without attaching it to the actual dilemma.

I filmed the video below after work, on an hour break before collecting my children from preschool\school. I felt it, I felt that with or without it being ‘intended‘ I could sit down and just be there. In it.

I am trying to show up in small ways as I have a burning desire to share my learnings and I get it. I really get the struggle but I know also that sometimes after one has crossed a hurdle in life, it is really easy to pack away the struggle..having done (still doing) this work on myself..I know, it has purpose and sharing that is the mission I’m braving.

Ultimately, we are always in transcendence and every encounter and experience has purpose, has teaching, brings with it a message that should be shared and there is no perfect way of presenting that. Just people, in this time who can relate, who can benefit, who will find comfort, who too; someday will also go on to teach and transcend.

So, I present to you- a tired eyed mama, showing up as her best, in this moment, with a message and loving reminder. Virtual hugs!




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