On ambition and recreating oneself..

turned on silver macbook on white bed

Dear diary,

I’m totes starting this off with laugh hehe! I’m poorly, I think being sick just makes me want to recreate my WHOLE life. Literally! Honestly, good consistent health is such a blessing. We definitely need to purify as human beings and remember what it is that we need to come back to in order to cultivate this. Good food, rest, and just being- coz we’re not doing enough of it. tbh.

So this weekend I am having a proper self mothering weekend. Where I nurse myself back to health. Being a doer, it’s super hard for me to not be doing- Like I have had to teach myself to be a couch potato. not completely but you know.

Just taking time, and not being so desperate to be doing again, though mothering oneself takes effort- I think when doing it out of pure love and compassion for oneself, it is easier.

ok, so I keep speaking it aloud.

So I have had thoughts on ambition and how being self driven can only take one so far- I think inspiration is beautiful but company and having people on the same path as you is even better..so I think soon enough, I’ll be seeking those on the same path. Like, I’ll add it to my prayers.

But first, reinvention. Organise your space, dance while your doing it. Um, skin care, hair care, buy that dress, and that hijab. oh, and those trainers. book that ticket.

So basically I did my 30’s and now I am doing my 20’s.


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